Wheel pick-up mechanical


The mechanical wheel pick-up serves to drive mechanical odometers (e.g. Rally-GT, Halda, Belmog, ...) directly from a non-driven wheel.

This avoids deviation of the distance displayed on the odometer caused by slippage, especially on loose and/or slippery surfaces (such as gravel, snow, ice, ...).

The wheel pick-up is sealed against splash water and penetration of dirt and is therefore suitable for use in rough conditions.



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The mechanical wheel collector is mounted on the rim or wheel hub of a non-driven wheel by means of an adapter flange.

The adapter flange is permanently connected to the rim or wheel hub. The wheel collector (with integrated 8:1 angular gear) is attached to the adapter flange with a central fixing screw.

An adapter flange blank is included in the package. The adaption of the blank and the mounting of the adapted blank on wheel hub, rim or center lock nut will be charged according to time and effort.

If the wheel collector is not needed, it can be removed by loosening the central fixing screw. The adapter flange remains on the rim or wheel hub. The interface between adapter flange and wheel collector is closed by a protective cap when the wheel collector is removed.

To ensure the tightness of the wheel collector, the central fixing screw is located under an additional screw plug.

The adapter flange must be individually adapted to the rim or wheel hub (central locking nut is also possible). For this it is necessary that you send us the rim and / or wheel hub.

The power transmission to the odometer is made by a screw/plug drive shaft.

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