Halda Twinmaster


Distance meter with 2 counters, purely mechanical, each counter can be operated individually.
Setting option: flow/off/return.
Accuracy +/- 1 m/1000 m.
Adjustment of the exact km display by means of gear wheels.
Connection to the speedo shaft with T-piece.

Dimensions: W x H x D = 110 x 120 x 57 mm

As these devices are no longer in production, availability cannot be guaranteed.

In any case you will receive a generally overhauled and tested device.



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Double counter, function as for the T R I P M A S T E R .

As with the TRIPMASTER and is done individually for each counter.

The TWINMASTER's transmission can be set for 2 functions:
a) Both counters operate simultaneously, one registers the total distance and the other registers special distances.
b) Both counters operate alternately by quick changeover. The distance already covered remains stored in one counter and can be evaluated later, while the other counter registers the new distance.

Due to the high measuring accuracy - achieved by the technically sophisticated and precise fine adjustment gear and the 10-meter roller - the two "master instruments" are suitable for accurate checks such as SPEEDPILOT or speedometer. To monitor the "master instruments", a check on a measured distance of 100 - 200 m is sufficient.

The "masters" are best installed in front of or under the dashboard of the car. In order to meet all mounting requirements, the "Master" is provided with mounting holes on the back.
The T-gear is screwed onto the speedometer of the car. The connection between T-gearbox and "Master" is the drive shaft.
In special cases, e.g. if there is a lack of space, an intermediate shaft must be fitted between the speedometer and the T-gearbox. In the standard version, the "Master" is supplied with a straight drive shaft connection on the rear. However, if the connection is to be made from the side, an L-gearbox must be ordered additionally. If several instruments are connected in series, a T-gear with continuous drive to the following instrument must be ordered additionally.
If an existing SPEEDPILOT is to be combined with a "Master", the gear unit must be connected to
of the rear of the SPEEDPILOT can be exchanged for a T-gear with a continuous drive. The drive shaft of the "Master" is normally supplied with a length of 450 mm.

dimensions: W x H x D = 110 x 120 x 57 mm

Supplied with fixing screws and installation/operating instructions

Required accessories:

  • T-gearbox, drive shaft
  • Mounting bracket (can be manufactured individually for your vehicle according to sketch or drawing)

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