Halda Tripmaster


Travel distance meter with one counter, purely mechanical.
Zeroing of the counter by pulling the zero setting button.
Possible settings: flow/off/return.
Adjustment of the exact km display by means of gear wheels.
Connection to the speedometer shaft with T-piece.

As these devices are no longer produced, availability cannot be guaranteed.

In any case you will receive a generally overhauled and tested device.



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Large, easy to read digits (6.2 mm large). Continuous movement of the number roller allows the reading of
less than 10 meters. With interior lighting.

Immediate zero setting by pulling out the zeroing knob.
Please note that the zero position is maintained until you release the zeroing knob.
Afterwards, the unit is switched on again immediately.

Behind the cover of the device there is a gear unit which allows you to tune the adjustment as well as a quick adjustment
in all automobiles; e.g. when changing tyres or other changes that affect the ratio.
The degree of accuracy is 99.6 %, but normally 99.8 % to 100 % is achieved.

With this transmission the counter is shifted to plus (+), minus (-) or idle (0).
The minus position is used, for example, when driving back after an erratic trip.
When you return to the point from which you got lost, set to + again, then the instrument will show the actual route (i.e. as if an odyssey had never taken place).
Zeroing will put the instrument out of operation when it is not needed.

The device works mechanically, silently and completely safely up to speeds of 200km/h.
The body is made of die-cast aluminium, the housing is made of aluminium sheet, the individual parts are made of brass, delrin and steel.
Low weight and small external dimensions are essential features.

Dimensions: W x H x D = 115 x 65 x 57 mm

Delivery with assembly/adjustment instructions

Required accessories:

  • T - Gearbox, drive shaft
  • Mounting bracket (can be manufactured individually for your vehicle according to sketch or drawing)

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