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With Rally-Gear it is possible to operate the mechanical odometer Rally-GT and all other mechanical odometers in vehicles in which no speedometer shaft is available to drive the odometers.

If the vehicle in question is equipped with an electric/electronic speedometer, the speedometer signal is tapped and used to control Rally-Gear. The Rally-Gear software recognises the characteristics of the speedometer signal and adjusts itself automatically (self-learning).

If there is no corresponding speedometer signal available, it is possible to supply the Rally-Gear with the necessary signals via its own sensor. The sensor is mounted on the vehicle in such a way that it picks up the rotation e.g. from the cardan shaft or from a wheel and thus generates the signals.

The odometer is driven by a stepper motor that changes its speed synchronously with the input signals.

The connection between the odometer and Rally-Gear is made by a plug/plug-in drive shaft (see "Accessories" section)

The Rally-Gear is powered by the 12V on-board voltage.

When driven by Rally-Gear, the odometer is not referenced by exchanging the gears on the odometer but by adjusting the ratio of input signals and stepper motor speed in Rally-Gear.

An app (Android only) is available for this purpose, which is installed on a tablet or mobile phone. If the tablet or mobile phone is connected to Rally-Gear via USB cable, the app will open automatically. Referencing is then carried out by entering the reference distance and the distance displayed on the odometer. All further calculations are performed automatically. After disconnecting the connection between Rally-Gear and tablet/mobile phone and briefly interrupting the power supply to Rally-Gear (ignition off/on), Rally-Gear is referenced.

The connection between Rally-Gear and tablet/mobile phone is only necessary for referencing. The tablet/mobile phone is not needed while driving!

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