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Rally-Drive Speed

<p>The Rally-Drive Speed consists of two coordinated units:<br /><br />1. the control unit in which electrical or electronic pulses from an encoder are detected and converted into a synchronous output voltage for a DC motor. The control unit is splash-proof and can therefore also be installed outside the cockpit.<br /><br />2. the drive unit to the speedometer in which the DC motor is located. This is connected with a cable to the control unit and with a speedometer shaft to the speedometer.<br /><br />The adjustment with the speedometer is carried out individually for each vehicle by means of a tablet or notebook.</p>
Price €3,500.00

Electronic wheel pick-up

<p>The electronic wheel collector is mounted on the rim or wheel hub of a non-driven wheel by means of an adapter flange.<br /><br />The adapter flange is permanently connected to the rim or wheel hub. The wheel collector is attached to the adapter flange with a central fixing screw.<br /><br />If the wheel collector is not needed, it can be removed by loosening the central fixing screw. The adapter flange remains on the rim or wheel hub.<br /><br />The interface between adapter flange and wheel collector is closed by a protective cap when the wheel collector is removed.<br /><br />To ensure the tightness of the wheel collector, the central fixing screw is located under an additional screw plug.<br /><br />The adapter flange must be individually adapted to the rim or wheel hub (central locking nut is also possible). Therefore it is necessary that you send us the rim and / or wheel hub. The wheel pick-up delivers 6 pulses per revolution with 2 independent sensors.<br /><br />The supply voltage is 5-24V. The cables are routed in a plastic tube and protected against the penetration of dirt and moisture and damage.<br /><br />The maximum cable length is 1.8m. The connection is made via a 6-pin screwable plug.</p>
Price €998.33