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Rally-Trigger 2

<p>The stopwatches can be easily inserted into the rally trigger by hand and removed just as easily.<br /><br />By pressing (push down) the middle control knob, both stopwatches are operated simultaneously.<br /><br />At the same time each watch can be operated individually by pressing the upper button.<br /><br />The Rally Trigger can be adapted to Hanhart stopwatches with 55mm diameter as well as Heuer stopwatches with 53 or 58.5mm diameter.<br /><br />It is also possible to use different stopwatches of different manufacturers and sizes in one Rally-Trigger.<br /><br />The individual adaptation to stopwatches of other manufacturers and sizes is possible on request.<br /><br />The stopwatch is held in the Rally-Trigger by a snap-in mechanism and is gently mounted on elastic rubber elements.<br /><br />The Rally-Trigger is made of CNC-milled and anodized aluminium. All screws are made of stainless steel.<br /><br />For the attachment at the vehicle 4 pcs. Drillings with 4,2mm diameter and countersink are provided for the mounting on the car.<br /><br />Dimensions of the base plate: width 146mm x height 70mm<br /><br />Overall dimensions with stopwatch: width 146mm x height approx. 110mm x thickness approx. 40mm (height and thickness depend on the used clock)</p>
Price €650.00